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Cohort 3

Cohort 3

Agricgate Farm is committed to revolutionizing agricultural education through its comprehensive e-learningplatform.By offering specialized training resources in various

agricultural domains such as snail farming, beekeeping, mushrooms, fish farming, piggery, cattle, vegetables, etc., they empower individuals to pursue successful careers in agriculture and contribute to sustainable food production and environmental stewardship.

Sankofa Nineteen Ninety (Legal Find)

Legalfind is an all-encompassing legal search engine and practice solution software that offers comprehensive research capabilities in case law, legislative research, and particularly

focuses on corporate and transaction law.
In addition to providing access to relevant precedents and academic study tools, Legalfind also aims to develop
legal practice management software in the future, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for legal


WonderspacED is a visionary educational content creation and publishing company that is dedicated to inspiringchildren through innovative teaching and learning approaches.

With a core objective of fostering exploration and discovery within the learning environment, WonderspacED aims to create captivating educational experiences, spaces, and content.


Moosla is a non-profit organization with a mission to leverage technology to tackle the issue of youthunemployment in Africa. Specifically, they focus on addressing this

challenge through their innovative freelance
platform. Recognizing the potential of remote working, Moosla provides a supportive ecosystem that enables young individuals to harness and monetize their skills effectively. By embracing the concept of freelancing, Moosla empowers young people by offering them opportunities to showcase their talents, access a wide range of projects, and earn a sustainable income.

BrandSauce Marketing Technologies

BrandSauce Marketing Technologies specializes in delivering interactive, data-driven marketing games tailored forbrands and agencies. With a deep understanding of the power of

gamification in marketing strategies, BrandSauce
creates engaging experiences that captivate audiences and drive brand engagement. By combining elements of
interactivity, creativity, and data analytics, their marketing games offer a unique and effective way for brands to
connect with their target audience, promote their products or services, and gather valuable consumer insights.

OceansMall Ltd

OceansMall Ltd is a company that harnesses the power of online technologies to facilitate connections betweenseafood buyers and sellers. In addition to serving as a marketplace for

seafood transactions, OceansMall also
provides a comprehensive platform that offers fishers access to essential resources such as cold storage facilities
and logistics support. By leveraging these online tools, OceansMall enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of
seafood trading while supporting fishers with the necessary infrastructure to optimize their operations.

Soko Bags

Soko Bags is a tech-enabled manufacturing company that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices. With asteadfast commitment to combating the plastic waste crisis, Soko Bags

produces eco-friendly reusable bags using
ethically sourced cotton and jute fibers. By offering an alternative to single-use plastics, Soko Bags actively
contributes to environmental conservation and promotes responsible consumer choices. Moreover, their impact
extends beyond sustainability, as they prioritize women’s empowerment through sustainable job creation.

Nellis Real Estate

Nellis Real Estate is a leading provider of comprehensive facility management and real estate services, utilizingcutting-edge technology to drive its core operations. With a focus on

 efficiency and convenience, the enterprise
has developed an innovative platform that enables clients to book facility management services online. Leveraging
the power of technology, this user-friendly platform offers a seamless and streamlined experience, allowing clients
to easily access and manage their facility needs.

White Valley Care

White Valley is a dedicated provider of home-based professional and specialist medical care, prioritizing patients’comfort and convenience in their preferred setting.

Recognizing the growing importance of telemedicine, White
Valley aims to enhance their services by developing an innovative app. This app will serve as a platform for
delivering telemedicine consultations to their clients, enabling remote access to healthcare professionals and


Wonfliki is a pioneering agri-tech startup that aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by offering affordableand innovative farm services. With a

core focus on securing the future of food, Wonfliki provides crucial agricultural solutions such as spraying and accurate farm data. Leveraging advanced geospatial data obtained through drones
and satellite imagery, they empower farmers with valuable insights and actionable information. By harnessing this
technology, Wonfliki optimizes farming practices, enhances productivity, and promotes sustainable agricultural

Abeyie Innovation Studios

Abeyie Innovation Solution is developing the Abeyie App, an innovative platform designed to empower individualsand organizations to generate

 business solutions from their ideas. The app combines guided prompts with gamified elements, providing users with a go-to innovation solution. Individuals and organizations can unlock their creative
potential, navigate the complexities of the business world, and transform ideas into tangible and impactful solutions. With a focus on fostering innovation and helping businesses thrive

Dagbanli Cinema

As a specialized platform, Dagbanli Cinema provides a unique and convenient avenue for enthusiasts of Dagbanli cinema to access a wide range of movies

 in the Dagbanli language. With an extensive collection of
films, the website offers an immersive experience where viewers can enjoy the richness of Dagbanli storytelling,
culture, and talent from the comfort of their homes.

Tipagya’s Creative Hub

Tipagya’s Creative Hub is a remarkable social enterprise dedicated to empowering underprivileged young girls through digital training and computer literacy programs.

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, Tipagya’s Creative Hub offers a safe and nurturing environment where these girls can acquire essential digital skills and knowledge. By bridging the digital divide, the organization equips these girls with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital age.

Esse Studios

Esse Studios is a dynamic media production company specializing in the creation and production of diverse digital content. With expertise in crafting compelling visuals, videos,

and audio, Esse Studios caters to a wide
range of needs, including marketing, education, training, awareness campaigns, and personal projects. Whether it’s captivating images, engaging videos, or immersive audio experiences, Esse Studios combines creativity and technical excellence to deliver content that resonates with audiences.


Reecoplast is a pioneering company dedicated to tackling the urgent problem of plastic pollution by transforming plastic waste into high-quality pavement bricks. Through

innovative technology and sustainable practices, Reecoplast offers a groundbreaking solution that effectively addresses the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste while meeting the demands of the construction sector. By converting plastic waste into durable and eco-friendly pavement bricks, Reecoplast not only reduces the accumulation of plastic in landfills and oceans but also provides a viable alternative to traditional construction materials.

Pivy Farms

Pivy Farms is a pioneering agri-tech enterprise that embraces greenhouse technology to cultivate a variety of vegetables, including onions, peppers, tomatoes, and more. With a

strong focus on leveraging technology, Pivy Farms implements precision farming practices to optimize resource utilization and maximize yields. By harnessing
the power of technology, they achieve precise control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity,
and irrigation, ensuring optimal growing conditions for their crops. This approach enables Pivy Farms to minimize
resource wastage, reduce environmental impact, and achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency.

VirTutor Online

VirTutor Online is Ghana’s first and leading online tutoring platform, revolutionizing learning through its cuttingedge technology. They connect students with top-tier tutors to

enhance their academic performance, transcending the barriers of traditional in-person tutoring. Their platform offers help in a range of curriculums such as the IGCSE,
WASSCE, admissions tests, and Ghanaian languages in order for individuals to broaden their cultural horizons.

Kodu Technology

Kodu Technology is an innovative company dedicated to the production of eco-friendly sanitary pads using banana and plantain fibers. By harnessing the sustainable

properties of these natural materials, Kodu Technology aims to provide an environmentally conscious solution to the menstrual hygiene needs of women. Through careful research and development, they have created sanitary pads that are not only biodegradable but also offer superior
comfort and absorbency

Goliath Robotics

Goliath Robotics is a pioneering engineering enterprise that specializes in electronic assisted mobility equipment. With a strong focus on enhancing accessibility and mobility,

Goliath Robotics designs and develops innovative products such as e-bikes and e-wheelchairs. These cutting-edge solutions are aimed at revolutionizing personal
transportation, empowering individuals with greater freedom and independence. By incorporating advanced electronic systems, Goliath Robotics’ products provide efficient and sustainable mobility options that improve the quality of life for users

Rural Agrihub Ltd

Rural Agrihub is an innovative agro-enterprise that serves as a vital link between buyers and sellers of commodities. They have developed a user-friendly web-based tool called the

Rural AgriHub Farm App, a cloud-based digital automation platform specifically designed to streamline and manage data in the agricultural value chain system.
This comprehensive platform caters to both organic and non-organic commodities, providing a centralized hub where farmers, buyers, and other stakeholders can efficiently connect and conduct business transactions.