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Cohort 4

AgriHaven Enterprise

AgriHaven is a fish farm specializing in catfish and tilapia. They supply fingerlings to other farmers and sell matured fish to consumers. Additionally, the enterprise offers consultancy and training services to individuals interested in aquaculture ventures.


AppCyclers is a climate tech startup that digitizes e-waste collection, sourcing, and purchasing by connecting generators, scrap dealers, recyclers, and off-takers. This promotes responsible disposal, ensures a consistent e- waste supply, and streamlines the remanufacturing supply chain for a more sustainable environment.

Bidigreen Ghana Company Limited

Bidigreen Ghana Company Limited specializes in producing charcoal from crop waste, providing green energy solutions for cooking and heating. Their customers include households, commercial food vendors, and food processing companies, all benefiting from longer burning, smokeless charcoal. By utilizing crop waste, Bidigreen helps solve the deforestation problem while offering efficient energy solutions.

The Clay Consult

The Clay Consult specializes in redesigning business processes for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) to facilitate their scaling up. By automating services, they aim to enhance productivity and efficiency in service delivery, particularly important in light of the increasing growth rate of small businesses.

Glory Health Care - Comeso

Comeso is an online platform facilitating payment for medical services, ensuring safe, accessible, and transparent health- related transactions. By lowering financial barriers to healthcare, it contributes to progress towards universal health coverage. Comeso is user-friendly and accessible on every mobile phone at partner institutions on the platform.

The Consult-AGE

The ConsultAge, a startup dedicated to empowering small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) through exceptional assurance, tax, and advisory services, is planning to launch a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. This platform has the potential to match clients with freelance accountants.


Drdogood is a versatile healthcare app linking users to a diverse network of providers, serving individuals of all ages, including busy young adults. It offers flexibility with virtual, in-facility, and home consultations, ensuring accessible healthcare. Additionally, the platform delivers prescribed medications directly to the user's doorstep.

ELNAK Recycle

ELNAK Recycle is a textile waste management company dedicated to empowering reuse within local communities in Africa. Through their innovative in-house designed recycling machinery, Elnak transforms textile waste into materials for architecture and design, redefining the approach to textile waste management in the region.

Even Sparrows Farms

Even Sparrow Farms cultivates nutrient-dense farm produce sustainably to address food insecurity and create youth employment opportunities. They focus on vegetables like green peppers, carrots, garden eggs, and tomatoes. Additionally, they empower smallholder farmers by offering soft loans, agricultural inputs, and valuable data insights.

Farm Estates Ltd

Farm Estates Ltd is an innovative agritech startup that leverages vertical hydroponics and AI to cultivate pesticide-free leafy greens and fruits in climate-controlled indoor environments

FreshLine Postharvest Solutions

FreshLine enterprise in Akomadan, provides comprehensive post-harvest management services to smallholder vegetable farmers. This includes storage facilities using solar-powered cold rooms and processing perishables like tomatoes, turkey berries, and garden eggs into powdered products, reducing post-harvest losses.


Zuputo is a legaltech platform transforming access to legal and compliance services throughout Africa. It offers affordable and efficient solutions for startups and businesses, including business registration, IP protection, and access to expert lawyers. Leveraging technology, Zuputo empowers entrepreneurs to navigate regulatory complexities and succeed in the African market.

La-Ferme Victoire

La-Ferme Victoire specializes in cultivating and trading agricultural produce such as cassava, sweet potato, corn, scotch bonnet, bell pepper, and chili pepper. With a focus on promoting food security, they produce healthy and organic farm produce. Currently operating farms in Juapong, Volta, they are committed to sustainable agriculture and providing quality products to their customers.

Modenbo Technologies

Modenbo Technologies is a software development enterprise known for its flagship products, Goodifly and Rate a Vendor. Goodifly is a peer-to-peer air delivery platform connecting individuals who wish to send and receive items internationally with trusted travelers. Rate A Vendor assists users in making informed decisions when selecting vendors for events.

Pneuma Food Scientifics (PFS)

Pneuma Food Scientifics (PFS) provides consultancy services to ensure compliance with food safety and quality management standards. Their offerings include audits, GMP & HACCP implementation, product testing, training, and FDA & GSA audits. PFS also specializes in product development, introducing innovative options like Shemah Instant Rice Porridge and Fibrelicious High-Fruit Fibre Porridge to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Poka Technology Ltd

Poka is a digital platform dedicated to educating African women about their reproductive health, focusing on cultural sensitivity and creating a safe space for discussing often taboo topics like menstruation. Targeting women aged 18-45, it offers period, pregnancy, and menopause tracking, alongside wellness tips and educational content tailored to African contexts.

She Assist Virtual Enterprise

She Assist Virtual Enterprise provides business support services virtually in their home office and meets the growing needs of businesses worldwide. The business’s primary service is to offer sales automation to its clients’ businesses. The enterprise aspires to create an email marketing platform that will be a leading solution on the African enterprise market.

St. Otiko

St. Otiko Bags is a creative bag making brand that produces functional, reusable, and fashionable bags using second-hand fabric and clothing, fabric scraps, and waste. The goal of the business is to document, repurpose, and prolong the lifespan of textile waste generated by the fashion industry, which might otherwise be discarded in landfills.

Glory Health Care - Comeso

Comeso is an online platform that helps its clients to make payment for medical services. COMESO makes health-related money transactions safe, accessible, and transparent. The platform lowers financial barriers to healthcare and accelerates progress towards universal health coverage. It is easy to use on every mobile phone at every partner institution on the platform