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Meet The Winners of Cohort 3 of the SCWIT Programme!

The Standard Chartered Women in Technology Incubator, is Africa’s leading incubator programme for female-led and founded businesses. The program offers a combination of business management training, mentorship, and seed funding, aligning with the imperative for enhanced diversity in technology and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to provide women with opportunities to excel in entrepreneurial and leadership roles. Tailored specifically for women-led or women-owned enterprises that leverage technology, the Standard Chartered Women in Tech incubator operates in collaboration with Ashesi University’s Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC). 

The 9 month program culminated in a joint demo day and graduation event on August 24, 2024, held at Accra’s Alisa Hotel. This event provided participating businesses with a platform to present their ideas and vie for grant funding worth $10,000. Out of the cohort of 20 businesses that entered the program, five emerged as winners and secured the $10,000 grant for their ventures. The successful enterprises from cohort 3 of the Standard Chartered Women in Technology program are Virtutor Online, Wonderspaced, Esse Studios, Kudo Technology, and Legal Find. 

VirTutor Online 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura Pepera founded Virtutor Online in response to the global surge in demand for online tutoring services. Focused on supporting education in Ghana and identifying a market gap, Laura developed a unique tutoring platform. This platform connects students with top-tier tutors to enhance academic performance, transcending traditional in-person tutoring limitations. Virtutor Online addresses various curricula, including IGCSE, WASSCE, admissions tests, and Ghanaian languages, broadening individuals’ cultural horizons.  

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Wonderspaced is an innovative educational content creation and publishing company dedicated to inspiring children through inventive teaching and learning approaches. With a central aim of nurturing exploration and discovery in the learning environment, Wonderspaced endeavours to craft captivating educational experiences, spaces, and content. CEO Natalie Fordwor emphasizes their goal of infusing wonder and excitement into every learning journey. Their mission focuses on raising innovators who possess a profound understanding of the African context and can make a lasting global impact.  

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Esse Studios  

Owned and operated by Naa Kukuokor Owoo, Esse Studios is a dynamic media production company specializing in diverse digital content creation and production. Serving various needs such as marketing, education, training, and awareness campaigns, Esse Studios combines creativity and technical excellence to deliver resonant content. 

Kodu Technology  

In developing like Ghana, many young girls lack access to affordable sanitary pads and essential health products. Kodu Technology, led by Umar Farouk Mubaraka, is an innovative enterprise committed to producing eco-friendly sanitary pads using banana and plantain fibers. By harnessing these sustainable materials, Kodu Technology addresses menstrual hygiene needs with environmentally conscious solutions. Their biodegradable sanitary pads provide superior comfort and absorbency, with the goal of empowering 30,000 females in junior and senior high schools through affordable and quality reproductive healthcare essentials and education.  

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Legalfind is an all-encompassing legal search engine and practice solution software offering comprehensive research capabilities in case law, legislative research, and corporate and transaction law. Alongside granting access to relevant precedents and academic resources, Legalfind envisions developing legal practice management software, establishing its role as a versatile tool for legal professionals. Lucie Blay, the owner of Legalfind, envisions building a central hub of research and management systems for institutions, providing a user-friendly legal research catalog and effective management tools for the Ghanaian and future African markets.  

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